Explore to find out how Net3Energy brings you clean energy produced by solar panel installations near your home.

Frequently asked questions

What is Net3Energy?

We develop a new energy market, advanced, flexible and profitable. Clean energy produced by solar panel installations near your home.

Community solar management SaaS, platform to connect household to household, raise funds, certificate ownership and allocate production.

GO-Market, acquisition and exchange of Renewable Energy Certificates - Guarantees of Origin .

Why should I be interested?

The platform will act both as a financing platform for new installations, raising funds between members, and as a market to acquire shares of a cooperative of energy self-consumption. The average expected savings for members of community solar are 20%-25%.

Why is it beneficial to be acquiring energy via Community Solar?

As owner of an array of solar panels, you get disocunts as your own electricity will not have transporation costs and neither taxes. Furthermore if there is surpluses of production you will get dividens from sales to the general grid.

You will still need a traditional supplier or local operator for your consumption during the evenings and night.

Is it green energy?

Yes. (yay!) All the energy we generate comes from solar panels close to you.

Why was Net3Energy created?

We are living through an energy crisis, which has shown the weaknesses of Europe due to its lack of internal energy sources, therefore highly dependent on foreigners producers. Much of the capacity increase that should have been achieved in past decades is about to be done in the coming years, in a rush against resource scarcity.

In Net3Energy we believe there is an alternative solution to it, building a network of households producing their own energy consumed, making us less dependent on imports of resources from third countries.

Do I need a smart meter? What is LoRaWAN?

While some countries have installed already smart meters in every house, which enables us to function directly, some other countries have not and therefore we need an infrastructure of sensors relying on LoRaWAN.

LoRaWAN is a network composed by gateaways and a network server. Sensors send the measurements to the gateways and the gateways fordward them to a central network server. Its large trasmission distances and low tramission speeds (narrow bands), with large areas covered by each gateway, make it specially well suited for IoT and resistant to disruption.