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Do you own solar panels? Sell your GOs at a fair price.

For companies operating installations or individuals with solar panels at home and injecting surpluses to the grid.


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What are GOs?

Guarantees of Origin (GOs) are a possibility for companies to decrease their carbon footprint. GOs track the source of power generated and qualify them as renewable energy sources. 1 GO = 1,000 kWh of solar energy generated.

Buying GOs sends a signal to the market that a company prefers to consume renewable energy. Attract more customers, employees and investors, consider going green by acquiring GOs.



1. Change how energy is utilized and transition to less carbon-intensive solutions.
2. Reduce emissions and achieve sustainability goals.
3. Manage emissions in the most cost-effective manner.
4. Demonstrate to clients, business associates, and investors that you are climate and future conscious.
5. Remain or become a supplier to businesses that have imposed carbon footprint limits for their suppliers.
6. Depending on your place of operation, meet the need for renewable energy inside a nation or across numerous markets.