Community Solar Management SaaS

Clean energy produced by solar panels near your home.

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Building a network of households

We are developing a platform to connect household to household, being one net producer and the other one a net consumer. Virtual microgrids structure, with transaction settlement between your community and the general grid.

community connected
funding installations

Fund new installations and manage the ownership

In case of a new installation funded by several neighbours, the ownership is divided in sellable certificates, as well as its corresponding allocation of produced energy and rights on futures proceeds.

Electricity at the time when you need it the most

Thanks to the peak energy production of solar installations, electricity is provided from 8h to 17h at no cost or reasonable prices. Once fulfilled the microgrid consumption, the energy is sold to the general market.


Our platform, utilities in development

Funding + Ownership %
Raising funds for installations between several individuals. Ownership division complying with securities law (Switzerland law)
General administration
Allocation of production to participants, and billing of credits (kWh). Operation and maintenance of the installation
Monitoring App
A graphic interface for real time monitoring of production and consumption. Web and mobile phone app
Dividends CHF EUR
Payment of dividends generated from production surpluses sales to the general grid
Transfer ownership
Option to transfer if you move. Trading platform for certificates and reallocation of capacity

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